Orlando, March 15 – Day 4 is the one of the longest days at the NCSA Junior Nationals and one of the most exciting for many Florida teams, but probably none more that Clearwater Aquatic Club. Clearwater’s swimmers, Justin Buck, Sydney Pickrem, Becca Mann, Narareno Boscaino, Matt Hirschberger, and Taylor Uselis made huge strides this evening and making a few statement along the way. In the 500 Free, Becca Mann destroys the field with a 4;38.69, on the men’s side, Justin Buck grabs 5th with a 4:26.08, while Nazareno Boscaino, Matt Hirschberger and Taylor Uselis go 1, 2, 3 in the consolation final with a 4:26.71, 4:27.97 and 4:27.99 respectively.

Other great finals swims were from Tasija Karosas, SAS, and Sydney Pickrem, CAT, in the 100 Back, Pickrem again in the 200 Breast 2:11.36, as well as Michael Duderstadt, PCST, 1:58.55. NCSA Interviews

Some other outstanding Top 32 swims below:

 Top 32 Floridians

100 Backstroke

5th Tasija Karosas, SAS, 53.29

8th Sydney Pickrem, CAT, 54.23

14th Maddie Hess, BSAC, 54.98

19th Darby Goodwin, SAS, 55.25


18th Michael Duderstadt, PCST, 49.86

19th Wesley Olmstead, HTA, 50.00

21st John Farese, SPA, 50.16


500 Freestyle

1st Becca Mann, CAT, 4:38.69

10th Katie Duggan, High, 4:49.84

15th Genevieve Miller, BSS, 4:53.66

27th Ariel Finke, SPA, 4:53.05


5th Justin Buck, CAT, 4:26.08

9th Nazareno Boscaino, CAT, 4:26.71

10th Matt Hirschberger, CAT, 4:27.97

11th Taylor Uselis, CAT, 4:27.99

25th Tyler Fowler, Tsunami, 4:27.58

28th Alex Pena, High, 4:31.79


200 Breaststroke

2nd Sydney Pickrem, CAT, 2:11.36

13th Rachel Bradford-Feldman, SAS, 2:17.95

29th Becca Mann, CAT, 2:19.63


3rd Michael Duderstadt, PCST, 1:58.55

12th Alex Kimpel, BD, 2:02.47


100 Butterfly

12th Megan Moroney, SAS, 54.68

22nd Isabella Paez, MACM, 55.46

32nd Chelsea Britt, UNA High, 55.79


9th Caeleb Dressel, BSS, 47.77

15th Rasmus Skjaerpe, TBay, 49.41

17th Wesley Olmstead, HTA, 48.73

18th Julian Ballestas, MACM, 48.92


200 Freestyle Relay

7th Saint Andrews, 1:34.21

28th Brandon Sports, 1:36.72


2nd TBay, 1:22.93

6th Bolles, 1:23.49

16th Saint Andrews, 1;24.68

25th Palm Harbor YMCA, 1;25.53

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